Notice to Shareholders of Mediolanum Specialities SICAV-SIF

October 26 2023


Offering document of Mediolanum Specialities SICAV-SIF

“The board of directors of MEDIOLANUM SPECIALITIES SICAV-SIF (the “Fund”) wishes to notify the shareholders of the Fund that, on 18.07.2023 the following changes to the offering document of the Fund (the “Offering Document”) have entered into force:

1.     Update on the members of the Board of Directors of Mediolanum International Funds Limited, the alternative investment fund manager of the Fund (the “AIFM”), more specifically: the replacement of Mr. Gianmarco Gessi from Banca Mediolanum S.p.A with Mr. Edoardo Fontana Rava from Banca Mediolanum S.p.A, the replacement of Mr. John Corrigan with Ms. Carin Bryans as an Independent Director of the AIFM and the removal of Mr. Paul O’Faherty as an Independent director of the AIFM.

2.     Insertion of additional wording to section “I. Integration of Sustainability Risks” of the Offering Document, in consideration of Article 6.1. of the Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2022/1288 of 6 April 2022 (the “SFDR Delegated Regulation”) supplementing Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 of the European Parliament and of the Council with regard to regulatory technical standards specifying the details of the content and presentation of the information in relation to the principle of ‘do no significant harm’, specifying the content, methodologies and presentation of information in relation to sustainability indicators and adverse sustainability impacts, and the content and presentation of the information in relation to the promotion of environmental or social characteristics and sustainable investment objectives in pre-contractual documents, on websites and in periodic reports (the “SFDR”), in order to  define the sustainability factors and the sustainability risks, and outline their possible impact on the value of the assets of the Fund.        

3.     Minor changes implemented for consistency purposes throughout the Offering Document.

The changes are clarifications to existing risk disclosures and are not material changes to the Offering Document.”